2016/05/08 12:36
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2012/02/18 14:22
Thanks! Unfortunately, languages I would like to use are mostly not the ones I am forced to use for reasons like legacy, cooperation with others, environment, etc. Out of neccessity, I use C#, Java, Javascript, F#, PHP.
The most important aspect for me regarding the tools is not just my convenience, but convenience of others as well. When you make it easy for others working on your code to test, they will more likely keep using it. So usually I go with the most common ones for a particular environment. Sometimes I do not have a choice.
The other very important thing is reduce the friction as much as possible. Running tests using just a hotkey or a mouse click makes quite a difference.
There is also a video of a code kata I did for bowling game counting using TDD, Clojure, and Vim I will be writing about (if you cannot wait until then: ).
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2012/02/17 16:49
Great post, thanks for the interesting read.
What language do you mainly code in? Can you provide us your favourite tools that help dealing with all the TDD hurdles?